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Tis The Season - Christmas Sublimation Transfer

Tis The Season - Christmas Sublimation Transfer

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Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer - NOT A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD 

Sublimation transfers will be printed without a watermark.

Sublimation transfers are printed and ready to be pressed with a heat press. A home iron will NOT work. You must have a heat press in order for the sublimation transfers to transfer properly. I'm sorry, but I'm unfamiliar with Cricut produts. I get asked about them all the time, but I cannot recommend them, because I have never used them. I have a Hotronix Heat press, and even before I purchased that - I only used heat presses. 

Sublimation works by dyeing the POLYESTER fabric and will not leave any raised surfaces/feels on a shirt. The applied transfers never crack or peel - they are NOT screen print, Vinyl, or DTF transfers.

These transfers MUST be pressed onto a polyester/polyester blend substrate (item).

100% polyester works the absolute best to get the brightest colors. Anything less than 65% poly will likely have a very vintage/faded look. The transfers NEED the higher polyester count to bond better.


Do NOT use any 100% cotton items - they will wash out. These dyes REQUIRE polyester to correctly bond. They ARE intended for white polyester. The buyer assumes all responsibility when using any color / fabric blend other than 100% white polyester. Very light colors CAN successfully be used, but again - are used with buyer holding responsibility.

Sometimes the colors on the listings may vary from a computer screen - I definitely have a more vivid displayed computer screen than colors usually are ( I experience this in general online clothes shopping) the colors may be a shade or two off, so please note that - vibrancies definitely can vary with your equipment. A lot of times - the transfers may also appear lighter - This is because sublimation ink is heat activated - so sometimes the color actually presses a different color than the transfer is when it is received.